Vein Removal Surgery with Microphlebectomy

Bulging varicose veins can damage the appearance of your legs and cause long-term health problems with your circulation. When vein valves begin to malfunction, the blood in your veins begins to pool, thereby causing them to dilate and bulge through your skin.  Our advanced Los Angeles vein center is fully-equipped with the latest laser, RF, and surgical options to manage your veins. In some cases, our vein doctors will recommend a minor procedure under local anesthesia to remove the bulging varicose veins in your legs so that they do not further damage your circulation. Vein removal surgery is known as microphlebectomy.

STEP 1: Comprehensive exam and diagnostic testing

The first step in treating your varicose veins includes a comprehensive medical exam by our vein doctors, vein-mapping, and Doppler ultrasound. During your consultation, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended that may involve a combination of laser therapy, vein removal surgery, and sclerotherapy. Every patient has a unique vein problem that can be treated with an individualized treatment plan.  

STEP 2: Insurance Authorization and Treatment Planning

Our patient care coordinators will work closely with our vein doctors and your PPO insurance carrier to determine your eligibility for insurance coverage based on a custom-tailored treatment algorithm. Necessary paperwork, pre-authorization, and eligibility requirements will be completed at this stage. Note: some insurance carriers may require 3 to 6 months of conservative therapy prior to surgery.
Vein removal surgery, microphlebectomy, and ambulatory phlebectomy are covered by most PPO insurance plans provided patients meet eligibility criteria.

STEP 3: Outpatient Vein Removal Surgery

Outpatient vein removal surgery is recommended in patients who have symptomatic varicose veins that bulge from the skin.  The procedure is well tolerated by patients who note minor discomfort only during the administration of local anesthetic. Our surgeons perform vein surgery in a fully-accredited ambulatory surgical facility in Santa Monica. After your procedure, you will be required to wear an elastic bandage wrap or Venasmart Compression Stockings for a few days.

STEP 4: Post-treatment Follow-Up

Within a week of your vein removal surgery, we recommend that you follow up with our vein doctors so they can check your legs and determine if your vein removal surgery was successful. During your consultation, a recommendation may be made for future treatments, which may include laser therapy, sclerotherapy, vein removal surgery, or compression therapy.

Our Vein Center in Los Angeles

Vein therapy can immediately improve your circulation and relieve the aching pain and cramping in your legs. Our Los Angeles vein center is directed by two board-certified vein surgeons who are experts in their respective fields. The vein clinic is associated with a fully-accredited ambulatory surgery center and is equipped with the latest lasers, RF-treatments, sclerotherapy, and surgical options to manage your spider and varicose veins. We are out-of-network providers for most PPO insurance plans and will gladly obtain authorization for insurance coverage if you meet vein eligibility criteria.

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