Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy in Los Angeles

Sclerotherapy is an excellent option for patients with small thread-like cosmetic spider veins and for patients with larger varicose veins. One of the most popular non-surgical options for varicose veins is a procedure known as foam sclerotherapy, which allows doctors to treat larger varicose veins with less risk or downtime. Foam sclerotherapy involves the injection of an FDA-approved medicine into an unwanted vein in order to collapse and close-off the vein.
Non-surgical vein treatment with sclerotherapy

STEP 1: Comprehensive exam and diagnostic vein testing
The first step in treating your varicose veins with sclerotherapy includes a comprehensive medical exam by our doctors, vein-mapping, and Doppler ultrasound. Vein mapping and ultrasound allow us to individualize the treatment to your specific problems. Every patient has a different system of vein networks that requires a customized approach.
If you have small clusters of spider veins, you may not need to undergo vein mapping or diagnostic ultrasound unless you have symptoms associated with your veins. Leg pain, itching, burning, cramping, throbbing, and leg swelling are all common complaints seen in patients who have varicose veins.
STEP 2: Planning for your sclerotherapy
Our patient care coordinators will work closely with our vein doctors to customize your sclerotherapy vein treatment. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of injection sclerotherapy if you meet specific criteria. Necessary paperwork, pre-authorization, and eligibility requirements will be completed at this stage. Note: most insurances will not cover the cost of sclerotherapy as it is usually considered a cosmetic treatment.
 STEP 3: Outpatient foam sclerotherapy
Our board-certified vein surgeons are uniquely experienced in advanced sclerotherapy options. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian has been featured multiple times on national television, demonstrating his unique approach to sclerotherapy. On the day of your procedure, you will be asked to drink a lot of water prior to treatment to help facilitate the vein injections. Patients feel some mild discomfort during the procedure, which is often followed by some mild tingling in the areas of injection. Since foam sclerotherapy does not require surgery, patients report minimal downtime or recovery. We recommend that all patients wear Venasmart compression stockings after injection.
STEP 4: Post-sclerotherapy follow-up
Within a week of your sclerotherapy session, we recommend a quick follow-up exam so that our vein doctors can monitor your progress. Every once in a while, we are asked to evacuate remnant blood that is trapped in the treated veins. We usually recommend warm to hot showers at this point, followed by application of Plato’s Omega Vein Cream followed by Venasmart compression stockings intermittently for several weeks afterwards.
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Vein therapy can immediately improve your circulation and relieve the aching pain and cramping in your legs. Our Los Angeles vein center is directed by two board-certified vein surgeons who are experts in their respective fields. The vein clinic is associated with a fully-accredited ambulatory surgery center and is equipped with the latest lasers, RF-treatments, sclerotherapy and surgical options to manage your spider and varicose veins. We are out-of-network providers for most PPO insurance plans and will gladly obtain authorization for insurance coverage if you meet vein eligibility criteria. 

Insurance Coverage for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins usually bulge from the surface of the skin while standing. The first major step in diagnosing your varicose vein problem is to undergo a comprehensive vein mapping and ultrasound to identify the network of varicose veins that are contributing to your vein problem. Our Los Angeles vein surgeons are experts in diagnostic ultrasound and will use this technique, in addition to veinlite transillumination and infrared imaging to map out the complete network of varicose veins in your legs. Learn More

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